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"And now, here was Hekate, who was ten thousand and more years old, saying she had been around when the mysterious Abraham the Mage had composed the Book. But if the Elder Race - the gods of mythology and legend could neither handle nor look upon the book - then what was Abraham, its creator? Was he of the Elder Race, a humani or something else, one of the many other mythical races that walked the earth in those first days?"
Nicholas Flamel on Abraham

Abraham the Mage was a powerful entity living in Danu Talis and the writer of the Codex. He has dedicated much of his time to working with Chronos and Marethyu to ensure the survival of the Humani. However, he seems to also do research in other areas, such as why the Change happens to some of the Great Elders. He lives in a tall glass spire (created by the Earthlords) on the sea off of Murias, a city in Danu Talis. He occasionally sends Zephaniah, along with her brother Prometheus, to go on expeditions for him. He foresaw all that would happen in the present, and wrote personalized messages for many of the characters on emerald tablets, which he left with his wife Tsagaglalal.

Race and Age

Abraham's race is subject to much speculation. Zephaniah states that "[He may be an] Ancient or an Archon, though there is certainly some Great Elder blood in him". Abraham is also vulnerable to the effects of The Change, which usually affects Elders, Great Elders, and Next Generation. It is stated at least once that he is not fully "Humani, Elder, or Archon". In The Enchantress, Tsagaglalal refers to Abraham as a Great Elder on numerous occasions. However, just prior to his death on Danu Talis, Abraham's age is placed at roughly 10,000 years. If this is true, Abraham is far younger than many of the Great Elders (since it was Great Elders who raised Danu Talis from the ocean hundreds of thousands of years earlier).


Abraham is described as fairly tall, with pale blond hair, grey eyes, ashen skin, and six-fingered hands. In the years before Danu Talis fell, the Change started to overtake Abraham. His aura begun to settle onto his body, slowly turning him into golden statue. He wrote the Codex as the Change started to affect him.


Every time Abraham has appeared in the books, he has displayed a sort of "neutral" personality; not totally strict, but not very humorous either. It seems as if many Elders respect him, maybe even fear him. His wife mentions he hated his title of the mage.


  • Immortality: Abraham the Mage is Immortal and does not age. Though an immortal may be poisoned or slain in battle, they may live for thousands or millions of years.
  • Polyglottism: One of the many advantages of a long life is having the opportunity to travel the world and learn many languages. Abraham the Mage is fluent in hundreds or perhaps thousands of languages.
  • Magical Mastery: It has not been revealed how powerful Abraham is. However, it is certain that he is extraordinarily powerful and skilled in the ways of magic, with him having developed countless of spells that he wrote in the Codex and his powers being feared by many Elders.
  • Clairvoyance: In The Warlock, it was revealed that Abraham had the ability to see the future. Using his clairvoyance, he made prophecies which he wrote in the Codex.