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Aoife (pronounced ee-fah) is the daughter of Ard-Greimne and an unnamed mother, twin sister of Scathach , and the granddaughter of Zephaniah and Mars Ultor.


Being Scathach's twin sister, they look almost identical with spiky red hair, pale freckled skin, and green eyes. However, she dresses differently than Scathach, preferring to wear black suits and be a warrior to the humani. In The Warlock, it is described as being the more strategic of the twins, with Scathach often using brute force to plow her way through problems. Aoife is seen as a great and powerful martial artist and at the end of the Enchantress, is Niten's wife. While occasionally scorned for her selfishness by Niten, he eventually admits that they both loved each other.


  • Immortality: Aoife is Immortal and does not age. Though an immortal may be poisoned or slain in battle, they may live for thousands or millions of years.

The Necromancer

In The Necromancer, Aoife kidnaps Sophie Newman and takes her back to a safe house owned by her friend Niten, in order to discover the whereabouts of Scathach. After a brief interrogation, Nicholas Flamel, his wife Perenelle, and Josh, Sophie's brother, come in to confront Aoife. Eventually Aoife allies herself with Nicholas, Perenelle, Josh, and Sophie, in hopes of finding her twin sister.

Throughout the story, details surrounding Aoife and Scathach are revealed. The two sisters had a fight over Cúchulain, a humani hero from Irish myths, who they both loved. He ends up dying in battle, and both sisters blamed each other for his death. Aoife regrets letting him come between her and Scathach, and feels responsible for her twin. It is revealed that either Scathach or Aoife is a liar (as they both claim to be the oldest), but Aoife clears up suspicions about Scathach's age, being old enough to be born soon after the destruction of Danu Talis, whereas Scathach originally claimed to be only 2,517 years old .

In the end of The Necromancer, Aoife sacrifices herself in order to trap Coatlicue, The Mother of All Gods. She pulls Coatlicue back inside her prison, and shuts down the portal linking Coatlicue's prison to the Earth.

Aoife's last words were: "When you find Scathach tell her I did this for her...."

She also appears to use aura, unlike her sister Scathach. She uses it in form of gray smoke to make Sophie faint before kidnapping her.

The Enchantress

In the epilogue of The Enchantress, Marethyu wrote in his letter to his sister Sophie that he recently attended Aoife and Niten's wedding, where Aoife's twin sister, Scathach, was the bridesmaid, and everyone cried.

However, it's unknown how she freed herself from Coatlicue's Shadowrealm. Perhaps it was Marethyu's doing.