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Archons are a sentient, powerful, and incredibly ancient race dating back to long before the Elders. It is said that they inhabited a Nameless Metropolis, near which they had a cataclysmic battle with the Ancients and Earthlords. The energies released disrupted even the Ley Lines. It is also said that the Archons had used the Elemental Swords to create the ley lines and fashion the first Shadowrealms. In The Necromancer it is said that there are twelve Archons, although this can mean that there was a ruling class of twelve.


As a race, the Archons were very technologically advanced, creating such devices as the crystal skulls, which fed off of auras and memories while allowing the user to look out through another's eyes, to the globe of fire that illuminated the Palace of the Sun on Danu Talis. They were also able to alter their appearance through experiments, though it is suggested this was not encouraged. They could even create thoughtforms, which are beings created and controlled by an Archon's mind. They do not possess any powers, though it is likely their advanced tech makes up for this.


Much of the Archon's natural appearance remains a mystery, although at least two of them were described as being gorgeous and giant in size. The only two Archons featured were scientists and had heavily altered their physiology through experimentation on themselves. Cernunnos had given himself antlers and cloven hooves while his face remained eerily beautiful. Coatlicue, sometimes called the Mother of All the Gods, was even worse, having imbued her body with robes of living snakes and crocodile claws for hands. It can be speculated that she received her ravenous hunger through her experiments as well. Both went insane after their experimentation. They were 7-8 foot tall giants, though Cernunnos's antlers' tips reached 12 feet.

Known Archons

  • Coatlicue, called the Mother of All the Gods
  • Cernunnos, leader of the Wild Hunt and known as the Horned God
  • Mimer, who granted Odin eldritch knowledge in return for his eye


  • Although they are considered to be more powerful than the Elders, Sophie Newman defeats one, though she found out she hadn't killed it.
  • Archon is an ancient Greek word meaning "lord".
  • The Archons feature in The Nameless City by Michael Scott, a crossover with Doctor Who, featuring the Second Doctor and companion Jamie McCrimmon.
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