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Sophie being awakened

Awakening is the act of awakening a humani's ability to use their senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) to their maximum potential; as well as their ability to manipulate magic. Originally, humans possessed all of these heightened senses, although they dulled over time because humani grew sophisticated, growing indolent and arrogant with the advancement on technologies.

The power to awaken a humani is innate. Not all Elders can Awaken a humani, and few Next Generation Elders can.


The humani have learned to live without their senses. The brain filters so much data from your consciousness that humani live in a type of fog. When the process of awakening humani's dormant powers begins the very danger lies in sensory overload which may result in death or worse.


During Sophie's Awakening:

"[Name], [son/daughter] of [Name] and [Name], of Clan [Name], of the race humani..."

"I Awaken this terrible power within you... These are the senses that the humani have abandoned."

"To see with acuity..."

"To hear with clarity..."

"To taste with purity...

"To touch with sensitivity..."

"To smell with intensity..."

During Josh's awakening:

"[Name], [son/daughter] of [Name of Father] and [Name of Mother] of the Clan [Family name], of the race humani, I will grant you an Awakening. You have acknowledged that this is no gift and there will be a price to pay. If you do not pay it, I will destroy you and everything you hold dear"

"Henceforth you will see with acuity...."

"You will hear with clarity...."

"You will taste with purity...."

"You will touch with sensitivity...."

"You will smell with intensity...."

List of Beings Able to Awaken

Known Awakened:

AurasAwakeningFadingSpontaneous combustion
Magical Disciplines and Arts
Elemental Magics
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