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Articles that need cleanup are articles that have been identified as falling below the Wiki's standards for quality. Major problems might include:

  • Information in the article is not organized: sections might be out of chronological order, or might jump back and forth between separate topics
  • The article is repetitive: ideas and information appear in multiple sections when they should be concisely articulated in one or more paragraphs
  • The article contains a lot of information that is not central to understanding the topic, or is otherwise unimportant. "Factoids" or specific details often belong in an infobox at the top of a page, or else in the trivia section at the bottom.
  • The article contains conflicting or contradictory statements or arguments, perhaps because it was written by two or more editors at different times
  • The article over-uses media; pictures are great for making our pages more visually appealing, but it can be distracting to include too many images, or images that do not clearly connect with and improve the content of the article.
  • The article does not meet other standards for quality in addition to the above issues (e.g. the article is a stub, contains speculation or non-canon information that is not clearly discussed as such, is not in the correct categories, etc.)

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