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"She was an Archon scientist and a great beauty. But she experimented on herself and her experiments turned her hideous and insane. Now she's like a ravenous beast. Out of her own DNA she created the original blood drinkers who eventually became your race. Coatlicue was the first vampire."
Sophie Newman on Coatlicue in The Necromancer

Coatlicue is a powerful Archon called the Mother of the Gods. Once a beautiful scientist, she performed experiments on herself which eventually malformed her, both physically and mentally. She is now a hideous and insane monster, bent on the destruction of the Elders. In Náhuatl language, her name means "The One With The Skirt of Serpents". Xolotl states that she is his mother though it is unknown how this is possible being that they are of different races.


An Archon scientist, Coatlicue often used herself as a test subject. This lead to her turning into a crazed deformed monstrosity. She despises the Elders and once lead an Archon army against the Shadowrealms, destroying all in her way. Based on the memories of Clarent, Marethyu and a red-headed female warrior (likely Aoife) defeated her. A collection of Elders then marooned her within a distant and dark Shadowrealm comprised of a flat disk of rock. She has remained there for thousands of years in a sleep-like state, dreaming of her past and the world of old.


Although she was described as once being a "great beauty", she has been twisted into little more than a beast. Her body is vaguely female, but having many reptillian traits. She has crocodillian claws and two giant snake heads coming up from her thick neck.Her body is covered in a robe composed entirelly of twisting snakes. Whether the robe is separate from her body or not is unknown.


The Necromancer

Coatlicue is introduced in The Necromancer near the end of the book. Josh Newman summons her using the four elemental swords under the instruction of Dr. John Dee who promised she would teach him Necromancy. In truth, Dee only wanted her free to use as a distraction and extraction of revenge against the Elders who threatened to punish him for his constant failures. In order to gain control over Coatlicue, Josh was to be sacrificed to her (unknown to him), his body and aura consumed. She is stopped soon after her summoning by Sophie, Aoife, and Niten. Aoife manages to pull Coatlicue back into her prison, but is badly wounded and dragged into the Shadowrealm as well.


  • Coatlicue created the first race of blood drinkers from her own DNA, making her the first vampire.
  • The two main snake heads are able to spit a highly acidic liquid.
  • All the hundreds of snakes on her robe are venomous and can bite multiple times.
  • Although Dee said Coatlicue could teach Necromancy, this is a lie and is impossible for her.
  • Coatlicue is believed to be impossible to kill. She is known to be the most powerful of the Archons, having managed to terrorize many Shadowrealms and requiring all Great Elders to defeat her but even together they cannot kill her. It is currently unknown whether Marethyu is capable of using the Hook of Aether, the fusion of all the Swords of Power, to kill her but a flashback from Clarent shows Marethyu and a red-headed female warrior facing off against Coatlicue and her army and also Marethyu probably was the one who returned Aoife, although the presumed fight between Marethyu and the Mother of the Gods was not seen but it is clear that if there was one, then Marethyu was the victor as Coatlicue remains trapped in her Shadowrealm. Therefore, it can be assumed he can at least harm her considerably and overpower her but Coatlicue's ultimate fate is never revealed, making it unclear whether Marethyu killed Coatlicue or simply forced her back to her prison.
  • In one of Clarent's memories, Josh witnesses Marethyu and a red-headed female warrior facing down Coatlicue and her army; however, according to Prometheus, Coatlicue and her army was beaten by a coalition of Elders.