An Aztec depiction of Coatlicue, who is imprisoned within the shadowrealm
Basic Information
Name Coatlicue's shadowrealm (unofficial)
Also called Unknown
General Shadowrealm
Country Unknown
Region Unknown
State Unknown
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County Unknown
City Unknown
Town Unknown
Population Unknown
Inhabitants Coatlicue
Demonym(s) Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created Unknown
Creator(s) Unspecified Elders
Destroyed Unknown
Cause Unknown
Other Information
Powers and properties Boundless plain
Notable inhabitants Coatlicue
Major events Release of Coatlicue in The Necromancer
Related locations Unknown
Coatlicue's Shadowrealm is a dark, empty, and completely flat Shadowrealm that is a prison for the Mother of all Gods, Coatlicue, which she both escaped and then was again entrapped in, in The Necromancer. It is a horrible place with no light and no end, used to keep Coatlicue away from the other Worlds and Elders after she went insane. She escaped the realm when John Dee used the Four Swords of Power to create a Leygate into the Shadowrealm. Coatlicue was lured out with the promise of Josh Newman's powerful and rare Gold Aura, and she nearly got her reward, but Aoife, Niten, and Sophie Newman stopped her, by attacking her relentlessly, wrestling her away from her prize. Aoife eventually managed to force Coatlicue back into her Shadowrealm, but she was forced in as well, and remained there, trapped with Coatlicue in eternal battle and endless darkness. At the end of The Enchantress, it is assumed that Niten went back into Coatlicue's Shadowrealm to rescue Aoife, and succeeded. It is also presumed that Coatlicue remains there, trapped until there is another window of opportunity to escape. However, it could be that Marethyu helped Niten to go there and probably he fought the Mother of All Gods so Niten could flee with Aoife safely and if there was a fight, it is clear that Marethyu had won, leaving her either trapped or killed.