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A Pyramid of the Sun in the likeness of the original on Danu Talis
Basic Information
Name Danu Talis
Also called Atlantis
General Capital of the Elder Empire
Country Unknown
Region Unknown
State Unknown
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County Unknown
City Unknown
Town Unknown
Population Thousands of Elders
Inhabitants Humani slaves
Demonym(s) Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created Unknown
Creator(s) The Great Elders
Destroyed ~10,000 years ago
Cause The Prophecy
Other Information
Powers and properties Unknown
Notable inhabitants Unknown
Major events Fall of Danu Talis
Related locations Pyramid of the Sun
Danu Talis is the mythical home of the Elders. It sank about 10,000 years ago when the ruling twins with auras of pure gold and silver fought together on The Pyramid of the Sun. In the modern world, it is known as Atlantis.


The Great Elders ripped the island from the seafloor to serve as the capital of their empire, abandoning the Nameless City to the grip of the jungle. They created the Pyramid of the Sun, centering it on the Isle as the nexus of the entire Earth Shadowrealm. It was explained to the twins that at the top of Pyramid, one could change the world.


According to legend, the Sun and the Moon, otherwise known as the ruling twins, fought on the Pyramid of the Sun, and the energy released shook Danu Talis down to its foundations. The island was ripped apart and returned to the sea floor from whence it came. The magic polluted the very air, ensuring that the Next Generation of Elders born after the Fall were as different from their Elder parents as the Elders were from the Great Elders before them, and the Great Elders from the Archons before them.

In reality, the twins of legend, Josh and Sophie Newman, having been sent back in time by Dr. John Dee, using the Four Swords of Power to create a leygate, and had just destroyed the last two Earthlords, releasing the energy that the inhabitants of the city thought meant the twins were fighting. Josh received a message on an emerald tablet from Abraham the Mage that told (cryptically) of how he had to destroy Danu Talis for the world of man to ever exist. Josh then combined the Swords while Sophie fled the city, helping its inhabitants to safety along the way. The Four Swords melded into the shape of a hook, and Josh Newman became Marethyu, the shadowy puppeteer of the entire series. Harnessing the energy of the earthquake, created by Abraham in his dying moments, that was racing through the city and into the Pyramid of the Sun, Marethyu ripped the Island of Danu Talis from the earth and plunged it back into the sea.


Danu Talis is an island with a large forest housing Yggdrasil The World Tree, and a grassy plains area. At the center of Danu Talis stands the Pyramid of the Sun, surrounded by humani villages.

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