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Earth magic is one of the four main elemental magics, along with Air, Fire, and Water magic. Masters of earth magic can alter the state, shape, and composition of the earth in nearly any conceivable way. Mastering earth magic typically takes lifetimes of study, however, those who have are among the most powerful wielders of magic in the Myriad Shadowrealms. Little is known about earth magic and those who have mastered it as its appearance in the series is limited. The only direct example of earth magic in the series is when Sophie fills a garden with bluebells.

Powers & Abilities

Masters of earth can manipulate the substance in many ways, including:

Master of Earth

  • Lithomancy: Masters of earth can create, form, and move earth at will.
  • Phytokinesis: Masters of earth can create and manipulate earth-based life, such as plants.
  • Thermokinesis: Masters of earth can manipulate the temperature of earth, causing it to boil and turn into a molten state.
  • Transmutation: Masters of earth can alter the composition of earth.


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  •  Earth magic is the only elemental magic that is not explicitly taught in the series. When Tsagaglalal is asked to teach Sophie Earth magic, she simply explains that "Elemental magic" is only an idea with no basis in reality.
  • All masters of earth mentioned in the series also have mastery over the three other elemental magics.
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