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The Earthlords are the most ancient sentient race in Earth's history. They came before the humani, the Elders, the Archons, and the Ancients. The Earthlords fought in a battle with the Archons and Ancients in the Nameless City. The battle turned the area into desert and destroyed a leygate. As of The Enchantress, all known Earthlords are deceased.

Zephaniah spent much of her life destroying the artifacts and killing any storytellers that kept the memory of the Earthlords alive in order to prevent Isis and Osiris from bringing the Earthlords back to power.

Mars Ultor claims that he had fought the scattered remains of the Earthlords. This however, might be another memory of Clarent. Anubis also claims to have hunted Earthlords with Aten in The Warlock, though it is unknown how. So far the only Earthlords that have appeared in the series are Osiris and Isis.

We do know that Earthlords have auras as Isis is said to have a cinnamon aura scent, it is also hinted Isis has a silver aura as a mention of her having silver tears. This is very likely since in The Enchantress both Sophie and Virginia Dare are said to have tears of the same color of their auras. It is possible that Earthlords are capable of replicating aura functions to fool other lifeforms that they are Elders; when Isis cried silver tears in Sophie's presence, it might have been to fool Sophie into thinking that Isis really was her mother.

Earthlords possess a variety of powers including time travel, Shadowrealm travel and shapeshifting, but they can not perform the Awakening.


It is said that they become naked and then transform into whatever appearance.


They are said to be twice as big as Elders, with black, scaly skin, bat-like wings, yellow cat-like eyes, barbed tails, many sharp fangs, horribly long claws, and curling horns, although this was just Isis and Osiris, so it is unknown if other Earthlords had a different appearance. When they die, they seem to melt into hot, bubbling puddles of golden liquid.

In Elder shape, they still have some revealing looks as having black nails and tongues, and vampire-like canine teeth. However in humani form, the only one of this features they kept are the vampiric fangs.


The Earthlord's artifacts were described by Abraham the Mage as being almost brutal in design. If you feed them blood, they show the user many untold secrets.

  • Crystal Mirror
  • Tsagaglalal's Self-repairing Armor
  • The Tor Ri
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