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Basic Information
Name Hekate's Shadowrealm (unofficial)
Also called Unknown
General Shadowrealm
Country Unknown
Region Entrance in California, USA
State Unknown
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County Unknown
City Unknown
Town Unknown
Population Unknown
Inhabitants Torc Allta, Various rehistoric flora and fauna
Demonym(s) Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created >10,000 years ago
Creator(s) Hekate
Owner Unknown
Destroyed 2012
Cause Destruction of Yggdrasil and the death of Hekate
Other Information
Powers and properties Unknown
Notable inhabitants Hekate, Yggdrasil, Nidhogg
Major events Unknown
Related locations Niflheim, Asgard

The neutral elder, Hekate, created a huge, breathtaking Shadowrealm from her own imagination. This included the huge world tree, also known as The Yggdrasil. Many people admired this magnificent Shadowrealm. This Shadowrealm is accessible from the Human or Humani world. Like most Shadowrealms, any electronic devices will be drained. Lots of creatures inhabit this Shadowrealm, including the Torc Allta. A battle was fought in this Shadowrealm, Dark Elders and their minions vs. the shadow realms inhabitants and Nicholas Flamel. This led to the Shadowrealm's destruction.


Dr. John Dee plunged Excalibur into The Yggdrasil destroying the Shadowrealm, Hekate, and two other Shadowrealms. The destruction of The Yggdrasil sealed numerous Shadowrealms, trapping the Elders inside. This released Nidhogg from its prison below the roots. Many Elders want revenge on Dr. John Dee. Yet, Josh, Sophie and Nicholas escaped with Sophie being awakened.


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