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Hel is an Elder worshipped by the ancient Norse people as a goddess of death. Her shadowrealm of Niflheim was destroyed by Dr. John Dee when he killed Yggdrasil but she survived, swearing revenge. Hel wields a long metal whip as her primary weapon when in battle. Mars and Odin are her uncles, alongside whom she fought on Alcatraz against Xolotl and the beast imprisoned within the island. She died hand-in-hand with her uncle, Odin, as they sacrificed the rest of their aura to repel a group of Anpu and Monokerata ready to attack their group trying to awaken the Old Spider, Areop-Enap.


Immortality: Hel is Immortal and does not age. Though an immortal may be poisoned or slain in battle, they may live for thousands or millions of years.

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