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"Isn't it a wonderful irony: I'm married to a Master of Fire, yet I'm terrified by dreams of fire."
— Joan of Arc in The Magician

Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d'Arc), is an immortal humani who is known all over the world as a heroine. History says she was burnt at the stake in 1431; however, she was rescued by Scathath, as told in the eBook The Death of Joan of Arc. Joan was badly injured during the escape, and Scathach, Nicholas and Perenelle saved her through the first ever blood transfusion. As the blood was from Scathach, a vampire, this resulted in Joan becoming immortal (although she experiences no other side effects). She is married to Saint-Germain, and lived with him in Paris until they joined Flamel during The Magician. Like Scathach, she is a vegetarian.

Joan is about the same height as Sophie, very slim, with short auburn hair and large grey eyes. It is difficult to estimate what age she is (although she became immortal when she was 19).

Although Joan has never been trained in any elemental magics, she is skilled at shaping her aura, using it to form armour or weapons such as a bow and arrow. She uses the latter against Dee and Machiavelli in The Magician. She taught Sophie how to suppress the Witch of Endor's memories, and also the basics of shaping her own aura.

During the final battle on Danu Talis, Joan defended the east side of the pyramid. As she was about to be overwhelmed, Scathach arrived on a glider and the pair fought the remainder of the battle together. After the events of The Enchantress, she became known as a goddess in the new world after the fall, and eventually joined Sophie and the others in journeying through leygates back to modern San Francisco.


  • Immortality: Joan of Arc gained Immortality after receiving a blood transfusion from a Vampire, and therefore does not age (though she is vulnerable to injury and poison). Unless slain by an enemy, Joan of Arc may live for thousands or millions of years.