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The man-made Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Its structure was inspired by the original.
Basic Information
Name Pyramid of the Sun
Also called Unknown
General Unknown
Country Unknown
Region Unknown
State Unknown
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County Unknown
City Danu Talis
Town Unknown
Population Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown
Demonym(s) Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created Unknown
Creator(s) Unknown
Destroyed ~10,000 years ago
Cause Marethyu's fulfilment of The Prophecy
Other Information
Powers and properties Unknown
Notable inhabitants Unknown
Major events Battle of Danu Talis

Fall of the Elder Empire

Related locations Unknown
The Pyramid of the Sun a huge flat-topped pyramid located precisely in the center of Danu Talis. It is also the location of the final battle of Danu Talis.

It appears only in The Enchantress.


The Pyramid of the Sun is nearly one and a half miles long and stands almost a mile high. It is depicted as ten times as long as the Pyramid of Giza, which is seven hundred and fifty-six feet in length. The original pyramid was bigger.

The Pyramid of the Sun is and enormous flat-topped, stepped pyramid. It is described as "surrounded by a vast golden plane, which was in turn encircled by a ring of water. Canals radiated from the circle like spokes on a wheel." It is also hollow. Like many things, The Pyramid of the Sun is made of golden rock.


The original Pyramid of the Sun was built the Great Elders who tore Danu Talis from the seabed. The original was bigger, but the second Pyramid is still viewed as huge. The previous Great Elders and Elders, though rarely, gathered in the Pyramid for councils and important hearings and courts.


The way the Pyramid is positioned and built with gold stones and layers of silver, renders all auras inside the Pyramid useless, also draining them from the beings inside. All this power is then funneled to the top of the Pyramid. This is another important part of Osiris's and Isis's plan with the twins.

The Enchantress

In The Enchantress, Isis and Osiris take Josh and Sophie to the Great Pyramid to present them to the Elders as Gold and Silver and thus have them become the rulers of Danu Talis.

Soon after the twins are left to wait, they are attacked by three Bear-sarks sent by Anubis to kill them. There is a brief fight that is soon ended by Tsagaglalal. She then brings the twins to the top of the Pyramid and left them, so that they could do the right thing alone, as it said in The Codex.

Afterwards, the battle of Danu Talis takes place on the pyramid.

Finally, Josh stays behind and uses the Four Swords of Power to destroy Danu Talis. In doing so, he loses his left hand, and he becomes Death, or Marethyu in the tongue of Danu Talis.