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San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Basic Information
Name San Francisco
Also called Unknown
General Unknown
Country United States of America
Region Unknown
State California
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County San Francisco County
City San Francisco
Town Unknown
Population 870,000
Inhabitants Unknown
Demonym(s) San Franciscan
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created Unknown
Creator(s) Unknown
Destroyed Unknown
Cause Unknown
Other Information
Powers and properties Unknown
Notable inhabitants Unknown
Major events Unknown
Related locations Unknown

San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco. The only City-County in California, it has a total land area of about 47.9 square miles on the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula.

The City is a primary setting for the series. The twins of prophecy live there as do Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle. It is the centre of the Dark Elders' plans on Alcatraz.