Shadowrealms (sometimes collectively referred to as the "Myriad shadowrealms") are dimensions created and sustained by magical means. Shadowrealms are typically accessed via an entrance connected to the Earth or another shadowrealm, though many shadowrealms are connected through ley lines and leygates.

Known Shadowrealms

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Structure and Qualities

Though the methods by which a shadowrealm is created or modified are never explored in detail, it can be safely assumed that doing so requires an enormous amount of power. Of the shadowrealms explored in the series, nearly all were created by Elders, Earthlords, and Archons. (A notable exception being the Pleistocene Era Shadowrealm, which was created and sustained by the hook of Aether.) Prometheus and Hekate both imply that maintaining their respective shadowrealms is very physically demanding. Shadowrealms will also draw power from unprotected sources, such as auras and laptop batteries.

Shadowrealms vary greatly in size and appearance. Some shadowrealms - such as the one inhabited by William Shakespeare and Palamedes - occupy just a few city blocks, while others - such as Hekate's Shadowrealm - are large enough to have their own moon. Certain physical laws can behave differently in some shadowrealms (though the causes and limitations of this are not made clear). Some are not bound by dimensionality; for example, the Archon Coatlicue is imprisoned on an infinite and empty plane. Time may progress faster or slower in certain shadowrealms - Palamedes mentions that he has found careless explorers who have lost their grip on the concept of time entirely.

Trivia and Notes

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