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The Seal of Sorcery

Sorcery is a common mystical art practiced by many people who study magic. From what is told in the books, it is only limited by your imagination and the strength of your aura. This most likely means that you can do almost anything with sorcery, as long as you can imagine it. Before a sorcerer could do sorcery, they had to visualize it in their mind and have intense concentration. It is also stated to be a very powerful art in the hands of a master, such as Perenelle Flamel since it was stated by Machiavelli that his aura was probably going to combust in his battle with her, while hers, it seemed, could've gone further. The battle, however was cut short by the energies they released causing Mt. Etna to erupt.

Circe taught Perenelle a trick - letting the metal droplets dribble from their hand and scores of tiny golden-brown globes falls into the shadows. The molten rain then begins to hiss and sizzle on the target's skin which causes them excruciating pain. Perenelle got the flies off Areop-Enap by imagining the smell of the San Francisco Dump and leading them off the island. She later walked on water and left Alcatraz. She was also able to create large amounts of food and melt stone.

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