An artists rendition of a Spartoi.

The Spartoi also known as Drakon are the crocodile/human hybrid warriors that Niten and Prometheus battle in The Warlock. The Spartoi are born from dragon teeth that have to be planted in the ground and fed blood (a drop of blood is sufficient for them to grow). The Drakon move with inhuman speed that with a club can easily break a few ribs. They always fight as thirty-two as the first Spartoi introduced in the book says "Always thirty-two". In The Enchantress they fight with shields, studded clubs, “short stabbing swords”, bow and arrow, and spears, which make them even more deadly. The Spartoi are short, squat creatures that look rather like a crocodile walking on two legs and measure about 5ft tall with rows of razor sharp teeth. They are also very smart as shown when Niten set a trap an the Spartoi that it was meant for didn't fall for it.