Spontaneous combustion refers to the sudden and dramatic process that occurs when an aura is depleted of energy. Once spontaneous combustion begins, the unfortunate host is engulfed in flames, and the body is cremated within seconds.


Spontaneous combustion occurs when an individual draws more auric energy than their aura can provide. Since the energy cannot be provided by the aura, it instead drawn directly from the body of the host. Once this happens, the energy stored inside the body is rapidly exhausted, liberating an enormous amount of heat and light. Death occurs nearly instantaneously, as the body is reduced to ash in a matter of seconds.


  • In The Enchantress, Hel and Odin both die after depleting their auras to fight the Anpu, though they do not combust (though they do turn to ash)
  • In The Enchantress, Mars Ultor spontaneously combusts after using his aura to lure Karkinos away from the Flamels and their allies. His spontaneous combustion is sufficient to wake Areop-Enap from her hibernation.
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