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The Codex is an ancient, 21-page, metal-bound book created by Abraham the Mage and contains, among many things, various spells, The Final Summoning, the prophecy, and an encyclopedia of the world's knowledge. Each of the pages are said to look like pressed bark, and on the pages are letters written in reddish-black ink. The letters on the pages move around and shift between languages. Some pages, such as the page the recipe for Immortality is on, can only be read at certain times, according to solar or lunar phases. In The Necromancer Abraham asked Zephaniah and Prometheus to find something in unnamed City's Library that Abraham need to finish the codex.

Elders are unable to touch the book, and are barely able to look upon it. Next Generation are only able to look upon the book, but not actually touch it. This said, it is a mystery why Abraham the Mage, its creator, is able to both hold and look upon it. Humani are able to touch and look at it, and it is unknown what effects it would have on other creatures like Ancients and Earthlords. The Final Summoning is a spell in which the user is granted full control of every spell possible is allowed to summon back the dark elders trapped in their shadowrealms by Abraham the Mage.

The Codex


There are many prophecies in the Codex, some well known throughout the series, others briefly mentioned. There are some prophecies that are but a possible outcome, but most prophecies happen, either in years, to millennia.

Here are some mentioned prophecies:

  • "There will be a time when the Book is taken and the Queen's man is allied with the Crow. Then the Elder will step out of the Shadows, and the immortal must train the mortal. The two that are one must become the one that is all."
  • "The Two that are One, and the One that is all, One to save the world, One to destroy it."
  • "Apples are poisonous and frogs may turn into princes."
  • Several Prophecies predicting the fall of Danu Talis.
  • Several Prophecies predicting the rise of the Dark Elders from their Shadowrealms to retake the Earth and make Humani their slaves once again.

Guardians of the Codex

There is always a guardian of the Codex, someone to hold on to it, to make sure it doesn't become lost or forgotten over time, and then to give it to the next person destined to guard the Codex. There have only been four guardians named, those being:

  • Tsagaglalal (who received the Codex from Abraham)
  • Marethyu (who was handed it by Tsagaglalal during the battle at Danu Talis)
  • Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel (who were given it by Marethyu while they owned a bookstore sometime in the 14th century)
  • John Dee (who took it from Nicholas Flamel albeit less the final pages)