• By the way, I requested to adopt the wiki and wanted to see if it was okay with you.

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    • That's not really the intended function of "adopt a wiki" - "adopt a wiki" is intended for wikis where all administrators have been entirely absent for at least two months.

      That said, if you need to be able to use administrator powers, I'm happy to give them to you as long as you actually need them to get a bunch of stuff done. If there are only a few minor things you need done, just let me know. Another thing I might be able to do is change what powers are available to all non-admin users.

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    • One of the admins say that since you apparently didn't have bureaucrat rights, I would need you to inform you that I was requesting to adopt the wiki.  I do need them to get a bunch of stuff done.  You're not exactly here a lot and the wiki desperately needs to be cleaned up and the wiki, and you, need all the help it can get. What powers are available anyways? 

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    • I did hear about "bureaucrat privileges” when I went through the adopt-a-Wiki process myself (though I totally forgot that I didn't have them). Bureaucrats are one step up from admins; only a bureaucrat can make you or me an admin or a full-fledged bureaucrat. Since I was never given these, I'm actually unable to give you any new powers – we'll have to wait for adopt-a-wiki to do give them to you our me. (Unless one of our long-lost bureaucrats comes back from the dead; Bigbrologan has been gone since 2009, and Cörey hasn't been seen since early 2016.)

      Re:Admin privileges; admin privileges are useful for a bunch of stuff. You can delete pages, and gain the ability to change edit protection on pages. (I've had to de-protect a number of pages that were edit-proof before; I thought I fixed them all but last week I found two I missed. The only important page that is still protected is the front page.)

      The most important tool available to admins is the admin dashboard. The dashboard lets you look at the structure of the wiki (category structures, lists of pages, lists of specific wiki-content, etc). I know it looks like I have been inactive (and I admit I was AWOL for a long while earlier this year), but I have also been doing a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes. (You can look here for proof)

      Anyway, you're absolutely right; this wiki does need all the help it can get. I just wanted to make sure you had a use for admin powers (I do apologize if this came off as being overprotective). Unfortunately it turns out I don't have the power to give them to you, but you have my full support for obtaining them!

      One last thing; I'm currently working on a new category system for the whole Wiki. If you see a maelstrom of editing in the next week or so, that's what that is.

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