• Hello there. I've just wanted to ask what the different Level Priorities you're tagging the articels with are supposed to mean. At the moment they merely look like some big spam. Yours truly JK

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    • Hi, sorry for the unreasonably long reply time. I was working about 50h for the last few weeks and had some major computer trouble.

      Well, two reasons; 1) I was in the middle of final exams and sort of lost my mind while looking for stuff to do that wasn't studying, and 2) I thought it might be useful to have something on the front page along the lines of "Want to help the wiki? Check out our lists of pages that need to be improved!".

      The idea was:

      Level 1: Really important pages that need major work. For example, the page on The Enchantress is one of the most important on our wiki, but doesn't have any of the information it needs.

      Level 2: A fairly important page that needs to be restructured or revamped. For example, the page on Archons.

      Level 3: Medium to low traffic pages that need a reasonable amount of editing.

      Level 4: Low priority, but needs to be brushed up. Maybe the article is short, or needs one or two more details.

      In retrospect, devising that whole system wasn't a good use of time, and kind of looks like spam. As I said I was kind of losing my mind, but the system could be an okay place to start in terms of letting people know what needs work.

      Anyway, I'll be back on the Wiki a lot more again; the last month wasn't brilliant.

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    • Alright, that sounds reasonable indeed.

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    • Maybe - I still regard it as a bad idea, but maybe it'll wind up being useful. At any rate, the next time I have some grand schemes like that, I'll run them by the forums for a bit.

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