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Torc Allta are part of the Torc Clans, and are human looking men that can change into man sized boars at will. Originally, in the time before Danu Talis had sunk beneath the waves, Hekate, or, the Goddess with Three Faces, created them. They are a proud and honorable race that reside in most continents. They are extremely protective and they worshipped Hekate as a goddess. 


Human Form

The Human form of the Torc Allta are intimidating and fierce looking. They have muscular bodies covered in red fur, and have tusks protruding from their porcine-looking faces. Though they have tusks, they are little compared to their boar form. They have flattened noses and bright blue eyes. They are almost always dressed in armour that protects their human form in battle.

Boar Form

In boar form, Torc Allta's face is level with a grown man's chest, and is both twice as thick and about as long. They have pug-like noses with big curling tusks on the side of their mouthes. These tusks have spirals on their tusks, which identify them as Torc Allta. Like their human form, they have bright blue eyes which look very intelligent, and red fur surrounding their bodies. Their skin is also impervious.

The Alchemyst

They worshipped Hekate and protected her, and in return, they got shelter in her Shadowrealm. They battle it out with Bastet's Cat Warriors and The Morrigan's Crows, and are vital in protecting the Second Yggdrasil during Sophie Newman's Awakening. Hekate's Torc Allta were either all killed, or perished in the destroying of Hekate's Shadowrealm.

The Enchantress

In The Enchantress, the Torc Allta are seen in the original Yggrasil in the Time of Danu Talis, as protectors of the city that resided within it, as well as Hekate. They are not seen in battle, and are only posted as guards.

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