Hi! My name is Xanthos (formerly Stinky Troll). Welcome to my page! If you need help or have any questions, just drop a message on my message wall. I tend to contribute to this Wiki in waves; I'll be super active for a few weeks, then I'll take a break and work on other projects for a month or two. However I have email notifications turned on, and I check Wiki activity a few times a week (even during my breaks) to keep an eye on things. In short: drop a message if you need my attention, and I'll get back to you promptly even if I seem to be absent!

If you Need my Help:

If there's a job to be done, just give me a shout on my Message Wall! Here's a bit of a breakdown if help is what you need:

Things I Can Do

  • Create, delete, edit, move, rollback, or rename any pages/files/meta-content/etc.
  • Suspend users who are vandalizing pages (and un-suspend users if necessary)
  • Change user privileges (i.e. granting administrator status)
  • Change the protection status of pages (and edit protected pages)
  • Find, crop, resize, and edit images (including adding image transparency)
  • Have a nice chat about the wiki and/or the series; again, feel free to post on my message wall, and you are welcome to check out our forums!
  • Create infoboxes and templates (though I don't know LUA)
  • Fact-check information in the books
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