An artist's rendition of a Dearg Due vampire.
Race Information
Name Vampires
Common Names Unknown
Status Extant
Age of Race At least 10,000
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) Unknown
Homeland Ireland, Danu Talis
Powers Immortality
Notable Members Scathach
Population Unknown
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Dearg Due
Subgroup of Next Generation, Elders
A Vampire is an Elder, typically of the Next Generation, belonging to one of the various vampire clans. Vampires are known in folklore as blood-drinkers, however this is only true of some vampiric clans. Other vampires draw sustenance from drinking auras, memories, or even feelings such as pain. Vampires are born immortal - resembling young adults despite a physical age often measured in millenia - and are extremely difficult to kill without special weaponry (Clarent and Excalibur are among the few weapons able to easily kill a vampire).

Life & Sustenance

Different vampire clans feed in different ways. For instance, the Dearg Due are blood-sucking, while vampires like Scathach and Aoife feed on pain. The Archon Coatlicue has been referred to as "the first vampire" because she feeds on the auras of others, and because it been stated that she created out of her DNA the bloodsuckers that eventually evolved into the modern vampires.