Race Information
Name Vetala
Common Names Unknown
Status Extant
Age of Race 10,000+
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) Unknown
Homeland Unknown
Powers Unknown
Notable Members Unknown
Population Unknown
Related Races Elders, Next Generation
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Vampires
The Vetala are one of the vampire clans. Vetala are the descendants of Coatlicue and her experiments.

The Sorceress

While Nicholas was trying to contact his wife Pernelle, who at the time was imprisoned on Alcatraz, two Vetala attacked Pernelle. Despite Juan de Ayala's best attempts to scare them away, they all failed. It was only when the Sphinx discovered where Perenelle was, that the Vetala fled.

The Vetala, as stated by Perenelle, are from a different branch of Vampire and drink the blood of their victims. There are apparently a few of them imprisoned on Alcatraz.


They stand at least as tall as Josh and have a completely human head with long fangs and red eyes. Below their head, however, they are skeletally thin with bones clearly visible beneath their flesh. They possess razor sharp claws on their hands and feet and large, leathery bat wings grow out of their backs.

Powers & Abilities

  • Vampirism: They can transform other creatures or humans into Vampires by biting them.
  • Superhuman Strength: Despite their appearance, they are able to break through a solid stone wall.
  • Superhuman Speed: Their speed is paranormal.
  • Fangs & Claws: They can grow and retract razor sharp claws and fangs.
  • Flight: Due to their wings, they are able to fly.
  • Disease Inducement: Their claws carry deadly viruses
  • Blood Draining: They can drain the blood of others.