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IMG 3032
Vessel depicting deities in the court of Xibalba
Basic Information
Name Xibalba
Also called The Crossroads
General Crossroads Shadowrealm
Country Unknown
Region Unknown
State Unknown
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County Unknown
City Unknown
Town Unknown
Population Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown
Demonym(s) Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created Likely prehistoric
Creator(s) Unknown
Destroyed Unknown
Cause Unknown
Other Information
Powers and properties Connects nine major Shadowrealms
Notable inhabitants Unknown
Major events Unknown
Related locations Earth (Connected via Leygate)
Xibalba is a Shadowrealm that connects nine other realms. The realm is entirely one cave with few inhabitants. It is considered neutral territory and the Dark Elders use it to send messages to other Shadowrealms. Known as The Crossroads. Roughly translated the word means: place of fear. The cave has many stalagmites and stalactites. The Anpu cross it. It is also the place where Dr John Dee chose his distinctive aura scent of sulphur/brimstone/rotten eggs.